Friday, September 23, 2016

Application review: paintRack!

Well it’s certainly been a few weeks since I had time to update the blog.  I’ve been busy with getting work done in anticipation for my wedding which occurred a mere week ago and tomorrow I leave for my honeymoon.  For a week, I’ll be enjoying the Hawaiian island of Kauai.  (I’m really hoping my Bolt Action V2 rulebook shows up tonight as the flights to and from will be quite long).

In the weeks leading up to my wedding and honeymoon, I haven’t been able to do much painting.  I did have time to completely restructure my workstation.  My new set of Scale Color, by Scale 75, paints came in as well as my organizers.  While I was going through all of my stuff, I utilized a new application on my phone called “paintRack”.  For someone who’s as OCD about keeping their station somewhat organized, this application is a dream to work with as it allows you to not only keep track of which paints you have, but also allows you to view complimentary colors and similar colors across several different ranges.

paintRack is a great application by the company Courageous Octopus.  It’s team of developers consists of gamers and painters alike including a 1994 North American Golden Demon Winner.

As of the most recent update, pR has a library of over 3,500 manufacturers from many of the top manufacturers on the market currently.

The supported manufactures are:

Vallejo, P3 (Privateer Press), Reaper, Citadel, Army Painter (Warpaints),Tamiya, Scale75, Coat d'Arms, Badger Minitaire, Warcolours, Humbrol, Andrea Color, AMMO by MIG Jimenez, Battlefront (Colours of War), AK Interactive, Abteilung 502, and Secret Weapon.

Starting the application up, it allows you to browse across the whole menagerie of manufacturers or to actually begin constructing your own collection of paints.  To create your own, you’re able to launch a search for your color and claim it in your collection or, better yet, utilize the bar scanner function to actually scan the paints in!  There’s even a quick scan mode that allows you to scan one paint after another to quickly rifle through your collection. I ran my entire Vallejo Model Color, Scale 75, Ammo by Mig, and P3 paints through the scanner in a little under 10 minutes (I have way too much paint.).  The scanner was able to keep up and the application never hiccupped through the entire process.

With my collection scanned, I’ve been able to actually use my phone to assist me during “paint runs” to my local hobby store by using the “Wish List” function.  In the past I’ve actually bought duplicates of certain paints because I had actually forgot about different colors that I had in my collection at home but had failed to jot them down.  Having my collection’s contents at hand has been pretty nifty when I’m on the go.

Aside from keeping track of my colors, the application shines with its ability to cross reference different colors across different ranges.  This is a very useful tool as, at times, my local stores may or may not have the colors I’m looking for in a particular range so I substitute to a different manufacturer.  pR also allows me to create triads from across different ranges as well as identify complimentary colors across different ranges.

One final bit that I’ll mention about this application is that it allows you to create sets and subsets. This function is great as it allows you to keep track of the different paints you’ve used to paint models and certain elements of a model.  In the past I’ve used a notebook or a spreadsheet on my computer but having this ability on my phone, while using the scanner, has been quick and painless and very organized.  For the sets function for example, I’ll assign a name/ category for an American USMC figure.  For a subset, I’ll assign one for the boots, the webbing, the skin, the face, and so on.  It’s a great way to keep things organized and it makes it easy to add or change a list if necessary.  I can see this function of pR being great for commission painters or people, like me, who have a horde of figures and armies to eventually paint.

pR is available on your application store for your Android; the version for iPhone hasn't been released yet and I believe it's in the works. The app is free and you can use a majority of the features, but you can unlock the entire version for only a few bucks.  I tried out the free version for a bit and then paid the $2.99 to unlock the entire application’s features.  In my opinion it’s worth it.

For the OCD painter in me, this application is worth its weight in gold.  Feel free to check out paintRack by clicking on the hyperlink.  If you enjoyed the review, feel free to leave a comment below as it really helps the site out.

Very shortly, I’ll be posting my guide to how I painted Rubicon’s Sd.Kfz.250!  Until next time, have a great one.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Busy, busy, busy

With my wedding less than 11 days away, my schedule has been hectic to say the least.  Never the less, I was able to carve some time out this weekend to put my new shelving up for my paints.
Once through wedding and honeymoon are over, I'll be back at it!